Thursday, August 27, 2009

past lives

more Las Golondrinas
when I got to this area of Las Golondrinas, I felt like I had truly stepped back into a past life. it was an eerie feeling for a little while there.........this morn I woke to another dream that felt like a past life. the past few years I've been having these dreams, each one different and unique but so REAL they felt like I had lived them. this morn was no exception and it was the WORSE of the dreams thus far. as I woke, I felt the pain and bruises of that dream...again, eerie. I ask myself what are all these dreams tryin' to teach me? I suppose I'll know in time.....but for now I need my serenity. going to see a fellow practitioner for sum counseling today. although I felt better yesterday after seeing my therapist, by the end of the day I was feeling worse. so let's hope my practitioner can help me further.
at the moment a hummingbird feeds outside my window. I placed the feeder out there in lieu of the back yard. it's such a beautiful sight to see when they come. now if i could only figure out how to capture their photo while they feed...something to contemplate..

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Julie said...

What great shots, I love old sites like that Hate dreams like that Hope it gets better.