Monday, July 19, 2010

in the heat

it's a beautiful morn. it's knot hot yet, but will be in a few hours. the temps are back to 100 degrees again-ugh-and I haven't ever forgotten my postal days of delivering mail in this heat. it's torture to say the least. but today I'm off work, so I can stay inside. yesterday I worked a few more hours and got caught in the heat. mostly I was in the truck with the air on, but a few times I had to either open the windows or step outside into this tortuous heat. I don't remember a summer where we've had more 95+ degree weather than this one. usually it shows up for a week to 10 days, but this summer it's been weeks after weeks after weeks of it. there has been little to no hiking because of it. so for once, I'm praying for cooler days. they can't come soon the meantime I added to my blog a different photo of myself. it's on the sidebar. it showed up bigger than I thought it wood, so you can't miss me. this is my fav photo since I'm a little thinner in it. O to shed a few pounds....anyhow, all is good here except the heat. I'm finding my summer is one of reflection upon my life and who I am really...and who I want to be when I grow what do I want to do with myself now that I have more time. I definitely want to do Tai Chi Chuan and guitar lessons. I hope to start one of these this fall sometime. which to start first is the debate. only time will tell. in the meantime, I'm looking to see where and when my next camping trip is. another cool spot for sure. I look forward to the next adventure, soon I hope. I am restless from staying indoors so much, but well rested too. I know there's something right around the corner. the place will come to me soon.....well off to another day of reading. until we meet again, have a great one!

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