Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a buck is a buck

so my bill @ Comcast keeps going up. it's ridiculous. so I'm changing venues. going for Dish. I'll keep my comcast internet, but will drop the cable TV. in doing so I'll save $40 a month total on these 2 items and also know Dish won't be raising my bill. I did my best to get Comcast to lower my bill, but then again I don't argue with people. my friend managed to get her bill lowered, she was paying the same amount with more in her package. she's good at pressing change but then again she's a V.P. of a company. anyways, I finally just to let Comcast go. I can't afford their prices anymore. so I'm happy to be saving me sum money. I can use that money for other things including a tank a gas for a road trip for photography. Life is Good today!!!!!!