Monday, July 26, 2010

cool and wet..

I was prayin' for cooler temps and I got it. but also came with it is sum major rain. it is refreshing to say the least but it still isn't getting me on the hiking trails. I may don the rain poncho and head out anyways, but then again it'll be muddy as all get out, too slippery for a safe hike. maybe just a walk in the rain around the block. any way that I can be outside. the front door is open and it connects me to the elements as the birds sit on the wire waiting it out. maybe they're waiting for me to feed them again. in but a moment..... the meantime, I went to the baseball game with the church yesterday. I haven't seen people in 2 months. it was a good visit but also another lesson learned or reminded of why I won't return there. my journey there is all but behind me. I'm suppose to help one of them pack tomorrow evening for their move. after yesterday I sit mulling over whether to go there or knot. I have been a bit perplexed of my sudden departure from there realizing it came to an abrupt ending so soon. I had no idea I'd be learning what I did in the past year or so to make such a drastic change. but I am pressing on. I want the connections to be totally over, tomorrow night for sure, if knot sooner. I am in such disbelief with this place and sum of the people, but I must let them be and let go. it is all but done. my Sunday church may be Sunday football for the season. then maybe I'll think about another church or knot at all. only time will tell for me. I have studied and learned spirituality on my own before, that looks more appealing right now than anything else. my favorite church anyways is Nature. I'll be back there soon too. I have much more to learn, grow and change. in the days to come, I will. for now a simple life. Live and let live. a new dawn is on the horizon and it brings so much more.....

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