Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoo Crazy!

...just 3 for now, photos that is. i went to the zoo and took 200+ photos. i had a blast! first day of PLAY it what seems like 4ever. i got all kinds of shots. plenty for Martha's Color Carnival. a couple for Shadow Shots. loads of just shooting and shooting and shooting photos. it was hotter than hell today, but i loved being there. i rode my bike down, so i was in my jeans and shirts. thank goodness i had a bandana with me cuz i drenched it in water. couldn't find a hat to buy initially, only to find them on the way out. today's visit to the zoo was a spontaneous combustion moment. i was having breakfast with a friend when i decided i'd head down there. camera in tow already for i was going searching for particular photos to shoot, the zoo popped up in my head instead. so off i went after breakfast and a couple quick stops at my church & the VA. the place was almost busy, but i guess school is out or close to it. but it thinned out later cuz when i went to back to the parking lot 3hrs later, it was empty. so anyway, these 3 photos are my favorite animals. on the eagle i was able to blur out the fence. the mexican wolf is never close enough to get a better photo, but i like what i captured. the polar bear i put the camera lens in between the fencing to capture it. there was another bear there that i saw stand on its hind legs & throw something huge-that was totally awesome. i captured sum fun shots like this bear with other animals. i'll post them a few at a time in the days to come. some of the animals i don't know their names, but had fun anyways. it was a great day @ the zoo. just what i needed after working so hard last week. this was the beginning of my summer. it was well worth the trip. more adventures coming soon. camera will be in tow....p.s. funny thing while i was shooting today i saw that my battery was gettin' low. it lasted just long enough for the shots and to load them on my computer. whew! i hate when it dies out while i'm

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