Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sum birds & a rodent

so i woke this morn with a cramp in my left calf. it's been awhile, but i had forgotten extreme heat and cold will cause them for me. still stretchin it out.........anyway, here is the largest rodent known on earth. don't remember the name and even before i looked at the sign, i thought boy what a huge rat. next time i'll take notes so i can name my photos.......the next 3 photos are a few of the birds i captured. flamingos of course, a baby duck, and another bird which i didn't catch the name........today is another beautiful day but i need to clean house. again i've let it go too long. but i will get it done today-yippee! then it's off to work. need to go in early so i can check supply status before i head over to Home Depot. but sum how i plan on takin' it easy throughout my day. read a little in the book i've been working on for a couple weeks. a little burned out on reading after class. will take a break after this book for sure. it's The Call by Oriah Moutain Dreamer. another good book of hers and good recommendation by Rev Julie. half way through & will try & finish it by this weekend. anyways, all is Good. Life is Good. It is all Good!


Julie said...

Love all the photo's, especially the last one

Indigo said...

Totally loving all the zoo pictures. I haven't visited a zoo in ages. (Hugs)Indigo