Sunday, May 24, 2009

free flyin' cage

it's sunday mornin'. another cloudy day and i sit contemplating the road trip to Bandelier. do i wait one more day or go for it today? i've decided to knot do the Wildflower Hike this morn. just want to chill and vegge in the quiet solitude. will take that trail myself this week sumtime.

now do i really want to ride in the rain-if it does rain. i know i need some fresh air today but could also work on the yard to do that. i'll finish my brew and decide after that. maybe a short ride around town. who knows. only time will tell....

in the meantime, these photos were at the zoo also. there was a free flying cage there with these beautiful birds in it. i really just stumbled on it as people were coming out cuz it was back in a hole in a wall so to speak. awesome feeling being amongst these birds...and no wires to steer around to get their photos. hmmm, maybe i should go back to the zoo today. definite chillin' out weather


Julie said...

I love the birds, the colors are so pretty. Great shots also.

SouthLakesMom said...

I came to see your shadow shot and strayed into the birds. We have a parakeet, green & yellow like these adorable ones! Then I noticed your handsome MP son (we're both prior military) and your beautiful daughter. Wow, you are one blessed lady! Thanks for sharing those blessings through your photos.