Friday, May 22, 2009

whole new team

so last night, i went to my first baseball game of the year-our Albuquerque Isotopes. up until this year we were the MiLB team for the Florida Marlins. This year we went back to being the team for the LA Dodgers. We were the Dodgers team for years on end when we first were the Albuquerque Dukes. then they went away and we had no baseball for 5 yrs or anyway, it's nice to be the Dodgers team again. I'll be a Dodgers fan too along with my Bosox. just couldn't ever get into the Marlins even when they won the World Series while we were with them. anyway, had a great time with my friends. it was the usual 3 of us=Vicky, Louise & me plus Vicky's granddaughter last night. it was nice to hangout at the ball park and not be in a discussion of church affairs. these friends don't go to my church. knew both of them long before i attended my church. it was like a really total day off work for once. very relaxing. the game was close but we lost by 1 run. the team is totally new along with a new manager as well. didn't recognize anybody on the roster. so now it's time to learn all the new guys. guess it'll make life interesting for awhile anyways. so anyways, a great night out. rain was in the forecast but it didnt' show. However, it's showing itself today. it's in the forecast for the next 3 days which means i may get rained out on my Wildflower Hike on sunday-boo! but the weather here is unpredictable and half the time doesn't show up as forecasted. so keep your fingers crossed for me for sunday. even more so that it doesn't rain on Monday cuz i'm off on a road trip with my bike i'm off for my day & to wear my new sweatshirt i bought last night. new team. new have a great one!

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