Friday, May 29, 2009

computer problems

so i'm havin' sum computer problems. even with blogging. can't even post photos right now. sometimes I can't get into others' blogs or mine occasionally. my internet explorer is definitely knot working right. i did a restore, but that didn't help either. so first thing monday..if knot sooner..i'm dropping off my computer to get it fixed. maybe it's a virus. my McAfee hasn't been workin' right either. so if you don't see me soon, i'm in the the meantime, my granddaughter is being stubborn and has knot been born yet. will get an update in about an hour on her status when her mom sees the doc...i'll be back asap here and to your blogs. hope this is a minor repair with this thing.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I believe it is a Internet Explore problem with blogger. I have been using Firefox with no problems. I took my weather widget off my page..since some people said that could cause problems. I notice you have a clock widget..?? I like Explorer but it causes blank pages to load ( about ten of them), says pages cannot be accessed, gives error was and is very frustratingm problem:(