Tuesday, May 19, 2009

remind me knot to move the leashes...lol

so like i'm cleaning right. i move the dog leashes to clean the counter. not a good answer. i was intending to walk them today, but once i touched those leashes, it was all over. they wood knot leave me alone until i walked them. couldn't get them to settle down until we were out the door and a few blocks down the street....we had a good time. all is still good....definitely Jimmy gets his haircut this saturday. his hair has started to come out it balls all over the place. it'll drive me knuts if i don't get him groomed. i missed the last appointment but come hell or high water, he's going in this saturday. i originally planned a rode trip on my bike, but this has priority. plus rain is in the forecast. so maybe monday the bike ride.
in the meantime, this turtle was one of my favs at the zoo yesterday. he seems so small compared to his hugeness while lookin @ him on the grass. i just think he's beautiful! so i wanted to post him by himself. more zoo photos to come....

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~ Lor said...

another great photo. i always wonder what the turtles must be thinking. They always look like they have something they're very deep in thought about.