Saturday, March 14, 2009

winch it baby!

so, me and my jeep got volunteered for pullin' bushes today at church. for awhile i thought we weren't going 2 do it. a couple weeks ago when asked, i checked out my winch and didn't have the remote for it. no problem. still plenty of time to order a new one, and order i did. went to pick it up yesterday and it wouldn't fit my plug. we even tried a second one. so we ordered a new plug to go on it. another 10days before it'll be in. so with that thought, i thought it pulled me out of the loop for bush pullin'. well last night sometime, Jane called anyways to ask for my help. well i still wasn't thinkin' i was using my jeep until i showed up this morn and we started planning the whole thing. i had already pulled some of the line out, so figured we could use some of it. well Scott was there thank goodness and he said he could get it back in without a remote if we used it. sooo....we used my jeep & winch. and boy did my baby haul ass on those bushes. these were not small bushes at all. Scott taught me how to really use this winch today. because i've been ridin' my motorcycle the past 3yrs, i hadn't used my jeep or winch except for ridin' from point A to point B. i've been only using the 4wheelin on wet or snow packed roads. today we put in 4 Lo to dig these bushes out. now i know to do the same should i be out 4 wheelin and get stuck somewhere. Scott also said he had a remote that might work. we also talked about going out to "Lil Moab", the place i went for 4 wheelin' recently suggested by him, and we will go out and really test my jeep. i told him to bring along the kids if he wants. but we won't go until i get that remote or plug, whichever comes first. but all in all it was a good day. happy with my baby (jeep) and the way she did her job today. she was much needed for this job. Scott had a surburban, but not ideal for the job. so i'm happy i could contribute to this project as orginally planned. although i was in the jeep half the time or longer, i still got bushes in my pants. i'm full of dirt from head to toe. i'm in desperate need of shower which i will be hitting right after this post. this is just a moment to unwind from the day. we spent a good 5-6hrs pullin and loadin' bushes today. but the place looks a hell of a lot better. tonite i'm unwinding with the movie Australia. (as long as i can stay awake). today's job was tougher than i imagined. but it was all in a good day's work. well worth the effort for our grounds. Scott made the statement he hadn't worked so hard to be spiritual. i laughed thinking yeah that applies to me and the job i'm doing there too. my reply, "work is good for the soul."....and so it is!
in the meantime, as i went with Scott to the dump, he told me of his place of business and servicing my jeep. he has a good deal,, better than the dealer so i'll hit him up for that this summer. it's a little more costly, but worth it in the long run. my baby is ready for her 100k servicing. his will do that and more. i plan on running her til she drops, so definitely gotta take care of her. after this servicing, i'm puttin' a sunroof on her and will buy a new rack to fit. the current one will be too long for the sunroof. once that's completed, she's ready to do sum more 4 wheelin in Colorado, Arizona and wherever i can find her. these trips i plan on campin' out in the wilderness for a few days. maybe by then i'll have a lover to go with me. if not, maybe a friend. all this 4 wheelin' in my mind, i think about do i really have time for ridin' my bike? as the sign on my jeep says, 'BAD ASS GIRL DRIVING BAD ASS TOYS". which one do i do more?


Julie said...

A good truck is a good truck, LOL. Sounds like fun.

Indigo said...

I totally love that sign for you, "Bad Ass Girl Driving Bad Ass Toys". It's perfect! Sounds like a great time with the 4 wheeling and bike this summer. (Hugs)Indigo

~ Lor said...

stopping in to say your sign. don't have much to time to read right now, but I'll be back. looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. Looks like you have lots of stuff going on! hugs, ~ L

JOHNSWORLD08 said...

thank you for your prayers and hopefullt Grandpa wont suffer,He's in Gods hands
Take Care

Robin said...

Love it and love that jeep!