Monday, March 9, 2009

Pack Rat!!!

...old tree trunks. i love 'em. i still have yet to capture one on photo that i like, but i'll keep tryin'.......anyway, today was the road trip to Jess' house. Sandy opened the house for an Estate Sale and everybody came. they kept coming til about 6pm I think, although the company I rode up with, we left about 5pm. so, i've been to Jess' house before recognizing he has a lot of stuff, but not paying attention to how much STUFF. today i learned just how much stuff he has. a TON. i swear it. i was sittin' there, no we all were sittin' there having our lunch, and in just awe of how much STUFF Jesse has collected the past 10yrs since living there. he must have brought EVERYTHING home. i heard at one time he worked for the rich and once they moved they told him to get rid of it. all of it must have ended up at Jess' house. plus some. a LOT was hauled off today, but it was like an 1/8 of an inch dent put into it. we all got the feelin' he was just a little bit CRAZY with this stuff. and we laughed. we also said we missed his black ass. i said those words first. (a note. this is NOT a racist comment. i get "ethnic" occasionally and say it with pure love behind it). just plain down right missin' his ass terribly. being up there i missed him even more, but i have no doubt he was right there with us all day, probably laughing his light ass off where he was. i knew he was wild, strong, gentle and very kind, a traveler (there was a HUGE U.S. map that had pins on it of where he'd traveled all over the states) and he was a character. but learning today he was a little crazy, well that was a new one on me, us. but we still LOVE him. he truly was a GREAT GUY regardless. i told Sandy today hanging out with him it was like lookin' at myself at times. so the crazy piece of the puzzle fits too. bless him!!! so anyway, it was a great day. tiring to say the least. i did bring a few more items of his things home. i found a HUGE seashell (walked past it a half a dozen times before finally seeing it) I also brought home a pencil sketch of 2 women riding horses in the river, shirtless. this is not my normal type of print, but i love the art work. i found it in Jesse's naked lady room. i forgot he had that room until i walked in it. anyway, i also brought back a stressed leather jacket, 3 shirts, a beautiful blanket, flashlight and an old wooden winery cabinet top. o yeah, an antique whiskey bottle which i'll place a flower in it. there's going to be another estate sale, but i'd rather not go unless Sandy really needs my assistance. i wasn't going to bring ANYTHING back today, but the longer i was there, the more i found. we all hauled some stuff of his back. one truck load. one car load. i don't want to bring any more stuff back. i have more than enough stuff of his. not complaining, but there' comes a time to say NO! if i didn't mention, Jesse truly gave the term Pack Rat a new meaning. i've never seen anything like this. but i Love him. so today i learned a little more about the man. i am very grateful to have known him. he truly Lived his life. a great example how to live it up!

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Julie said...

I think about, someone else having to clean up our stuff. Rick is a pack rat.