Tuesday, March 10, 2009

gotta beef!

goodness. it's already after 6pm and i stil have homework to do-especially since a classmate called for help today. will get right to it after this post. this post was to enable me to relax a bit before diving into the homework while also airing out a beef i have with a co-worker. my beef with a co-worker she's either dictating orders to me or tryin' to tell me how to do my job. this has been going on for a couple months. maybe longer. she did it again on sunday. i had only been awake for literally 5mins when she called to inquire about a set up i had done as requested and agreed upon by Rev Julie & a board member. needless to say she didn't listen to the acknowledgement of the agreement and gave her 2 cents anyways. well about 15minutes after i hung up the phone, it hit me she's still doing it. i decided i've had enough. she's bossy with others including her family so i've been lettin' it roll. not anymore. it hit me last night while trying to fall asleep that for the first 48yrs of my life i've been taking orders. I've had enough of taking orders from anybody. i'm all for working WITH you, but do not dictate to me. i even told a friend at lunch today that IF they make this woman Church Administrator and my boss, i will resign immediately. so i need to finish getting my ducks in line with my finances. the sooner the better. they haven't decided what they're going to do about a church administrator. who knows they may not hire another one. plus in a few months, Rev Julie's personal assistant will be coming on board and i'm sure they will put her in the church administrators office to work out of there. where they would put a church administrator after that, God only knows. so anyways, i feel i have plenty of time to finsih workin' out my finances which are on track to be far better by september. but before i do that, i've decided to buy Jesse's armoire. i've always wanted one and i can pay Sandy at my convenience. i'll give her a down payment next week, then the rest next month. then i'll just pay Jane gas money to take us up there and haul it back here. i'll buy her lunch too. anyways, that's the decision of the day. i've been missing him terribly again today. my day started out slow, not too sad, but enough to slow me down. but in retrospect i recognized i'm still learning from him even though he's not here. this morn i woke to see the perfect spot for the naked ladies sketch. then it reminded me of the time i went skinny dippin in the ocean when i was 20. there were 4 of us women who went down to Corpus Christi beach from Lackland AFB. one had a jeep so we drove down the beach. not a soul around but us, so we stripped down to our panties and dove it. it was fun while it lasted but then a bunch of guys in their own 4 wheeler drove down and saw us. they decided to hang around so we got dressed. but it was fun while it lasted. i had thought of that in sooo many years. it actually gave me moment to reflect on how i was living life BEFORE the illness. i had forgotten how "free" it was to live back then. think it's time to do it again. what a journey it's been. but it's all been worth it. Thank You Jesse for my reminders and being the free bird yourself....you still make me LAUGH!!!

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Julie said...

That is such a great memory to associate with the picture, happy times. It was fated for you to have it. Sorry about your co-worker