Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pino trail

i took a little hike today. up Pino Trail in Gallego Park. i hiked about an hour in. rested. headed back. i needed some fresh air and it was a gorgeous day today. i heard this trail will take you to the top taking about 3hrs to get there. so i figure if i start now for an hour a day for a few weeks, then increase it by an hour for another few weeks, then in no time i'll make it to the top. so that's my plan. we already have great weather for hiking. i went further than i have ever on this trail today due to the nice weather. not too hot. not too cold or windy. i took a few photos along the way capturing some cactus in different colors due i think to the cold weather. but they made for some interesting photos. i also attempted to capture the blue jays. obviously i still need that 500m lens to get me closer to these birds. they don't stay very long when landed and fly away within a heartbeat of your presence. not going to get the lens this year, unless i win that darn lottery. but maybe next year. all in due time. what's most important is i still get myself out and shoot sum photos. it's soooo relaxing for me. there's another road trip in the works, so that's another photo opportunity. but now that work has settled down again, i'm enjoying the quiet time with a book. i just started no death, no fear by Thich Nhat Hanh. Rev Julie recommended it to assist my grief. it's a great book thus far and i just finished chapter one. she also recommended How to Survive the Lost of a Love... i'll get to it after the aforementioned. i think Jesse's transition stirred up some old feelings relating to my father and i need to work thru them. it is all good. all part of the journey in life. other than that, i'm doing good. and did i mention i have a friend who wants to introduce me to someone? well he hasn't introduced her yet, so it remains to be seen. i'm a little stumped by it since i haven't really dated anyone for over 4yrs. i know there was Jesse but i never thought of he and i on dates. we just hung out. Change, it's the only thing that's constant. maybe it is time to date again. Jesse sure brought that subject to surface. i miss him a lot sometimes. and i haven't had anyone to talk to about that, although i will do so tomorrow when i see my therapist. also next week, i have an appointment with Rev Julie about something else. she did let me know if i ever wanted to talk to her about that. so i'll take that opportunity at that time too. i've needed to talk lately and have had only one opportunity to do so. correction, Maggie and i had breakfast on saturday, we did talk then a little. but i still can't wait until tomorrow. less than 24hrs now. i'll keep you posted.....anyways, i'm off to my book again. it's been a great day to be out in nature. i'll do it again in the morn....

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