Saturday, March 7, 2009

itchin' 2 ride!!!

so....tonite while workin at church i mention to the guy who's buying my bike that i will finally have a new battery next week. guess what! he told me he changed his much for the bike being sold. i was having second thoughts about it yesterday anyways, but i thought he'd still buy the bike. i'm happy and not i suppose. ever since seeing others ridin' 'round town, i've been dying to get on it..and possibly not sell that it's not sold, the question is to sell or not to sell? i mean i LOVE this bike and ridin', but i was also lookin' forward to a dent in my debt. there is another young man i could call and ask if he'd like to take it off my hands-as he said he'd do. but for now i'll start with the battery and take a spin. then i need to get the charging system checked out before i sell it anyways, so will do that. in the meantime, i'll relook at my budget. i know i could keep the bike and still put dents in the debt, but it's taking longer than i desire. i know patience. so maybe that's the lesson i'm really learning about debt-just be patient. all good things come to those who wait, right? debt is about the only thing i've never had patience with. so maybe it's time i change my thinking. i am pleased with my progress with it but of course i want it gone yesterday. anyways, i sure do enJOY the ride. and i was wanting to get on it yesterday when i was blue. it ALWAYS picks me up in a heartbeat when i'm down. good anti-blue medicine. so maybe i should hang onto it anyways. i'll know in time. patience is a virtue so i need to extend to my debt.......
in the meantime, i'm still reading Eat, Pray, Love and am LOVING it! it's the best medicine i've needed lately. someone who went on her own spiritual journey. she's frank. she's funny. she reveals her human side thru all of it and it has some great spiritual wisdom along the way. just plain damn real. my journey the past 5yrs or so, spiritually speaking, has been a struggle at times. sometimes i haven't know whether i was coming or going. with this book i know i can just keep going simply as i am embracing my human side while experiencing the spiritual too. i don't think one can truly be done without the other. well you may, but it may not be as rewarding. again I LOVE this book! i can't wait to finish it but it may be a few days for i have homework to do in between work and the road trip. frankly i'll be glad when class is over. only 10 more weeks to go....yeah, i think i'll ride!!!

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Indigo said...

I'm loving the pictures you've taken and posted in the last few entries. As for the bike, it gives you so much pleasure, I'm tempted to say keep and the debt thing will work it's way out eventually. Your in my thoughts dear friend! (Hugs)Indigo