Friday, June 11, 2010

wacky day!

yep you're seeing right. a banana in a tree. fits perfectly for my wacky day @ work today. today seemed like one of those days that everyone was off key. the whole day was out of wack...either that or this is a normal Friday work day. i'll know in time. today was the day everyone under the sun parked on the sidewalks. every corner i turned, there sat another car blocking the sidewalk and it's my duty to get them moved. then a few other things happened as well as the day moved along. i had a 'short' lunch and there was never a dull moment. i barely got all my duties done for the day, but they were completed. for the past couple months i've had strong urges for a cigarette. i gave that up totally 2yrs ago, but the urges are back. so to reduce the urge and to wind down from the day, i came home to have a cold one...and did i sit all chilled out wondering what to do next. laundry needs to be folded, but will see....think i'll play in photoshop-sounds more like fun at least. it's still a good day. Life is Good! now I know I'll have WACKY days in lieu of stressful days....

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Vilhelm said...

One day really wacky!
I want today to work out everything perfectly, that you love!