Monday, June 14, 2010


these are ancient ruins. I got to visit them while on the bird watching expedition. forgot to pick up material to share more about them. it was a cold day and anxious to get back in the car and stay warm. there are 2 other ruins knot far from here. I'll go visit them soon, once the weather cools down. they've changed the weather report on me again and it's getting HOT again. so once again I;ll delay my camping trip. one day soon I'll be out in Nature. in the meantime, I'm going to find a place just to take photos. I'm gettin' the's nice and cool this morn. quiet too....

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Cheryl Patterson said...

Your pics are lovely kbear - the ruins and flowers.

It seems we both have a love of nature. I live in it...river behind my little house, trees...nothing but natural beauty. It means the world to me to live in this kind of environment.

And you seem to really enjoy it too (I love the shot of the river - very pretty).

All the best,