Thursday, June 3, 2010

hummin' so little

so I went to the Peak again today. (see previous 2 posts too)...just chillin'. only a handful of hummingbirds to be found. I've seen only one here @ my hovel. I wonder if they will come back soon. haven't paid much attention to when they do return, but I thought they'd be here by now. it's been a cool spring up until this last week. atop the mountain, a very cool wind was still blowin' with patches of snow still hangin' around. other than that, a beautiful day. camping got postponed again this week, so I thought a day in the mountains wood be great..and it was indeed. just what I needed. my mind and soul are refreshed for a little while longer. now to stay cool here as the temps approach breaking a 100. Life is Good today...and it's another wonderful quiet evening.....


Julie said...

Lovely capture. I wish we had those around here.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I've never seena hummingbird live but they always fascinated me!
Nice picture.