Sunday, June 6, 2010


it's DRY here and hotter than hell. but this is typical summer weather here, at least 4 now...stayin' kewl regardless...great time to chill with a book and indeed that's what I'm doin'. bought Classroom in a Book to learn more about my Adobe Photoshop. so will spend time with this daily until I can learn everything I can about it. will post anything I find really creative. should be fun just playin' around with it all. this is one of my summer the meantime I'm in search of photo opp places. got one in my for this week since I'm postponing camping until it coooools off. can't enjoy nature in this heat....but Life is still Good....


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello Lady?

How's everybody? YOurself? How's your summer days? So many questions, huh? Oh yeah, it's been awhile I didn't came to checj how you were.

I see your enjoying your days.

Have a wonderful happy summer.

x0x0 as always.

Sharon Wagner said...

Wood is so cool in all it's textures.