Tuesday, June 15, 2010


quiet morn. nothing I 'have to' do except fold sum laundry. need to do a little more yard work which I'm doing in increments due to the hot weather. other than that, my day is free to do whatever I'd like. maybe I'll finally get my butt to the gym. it's within walking distance and a walk there wood be a good warm up. once to the gym, think I'll finally dive into that Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book to learn more about my photoshop. it'll be fun to see what creative adventures I can come up with. there's one thing I'd like to do and hope to discover how to do it in my photoshop. if it's knot there, I'll have to find a program that I can do it. I want to do a photo where it's black & white basically, but then one item is in color. got a perfect photo for that I'd like to see in that reflection. may have sum others too, but just to know how to do that is my goal. so this is my day. the 'hmmmm' in my title to this entry is really me wondering what will I do today. too hot to really go anywhere and be outside. Junes are like this I finally realized. just the time to sit in the shade and read a book-which I've been doing. so I'm off.....have a great one!

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Rose said...

I too would love to take a photoshop class to learn more.

Hugs, Rose