Sunday, June 20, 2010

photoshop lesson

so this is my first lesson...and it wasn't the entire lesson. this was the second tool I learned to use in photoshp via the lesson. this is the inverse. this is one thing I did want to learn. I didn't know it'd be the in the beginning of the lesson. the truck above really covered too much of the frame to get all of it encircled, but I like this start. I think I mentioned I bought a book to learn more about the photoshop I have. I've known a few important things but there's so much more on the program to know. so this is my first step. I'm happy... the meantime, my Boo is all round up and it's too hot to walk her. she gets hot too easily and just can't hang in the heat. Sundays are my mornings to sleep in and indeed did do that. so manana (tomorrow). so Boo is driving me crazy at the moment, but I love's hopin' next week it cools down. no end in sight this week-ugh!

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