Monday, April 26, 2010

more Pow Wow....

so another photo from the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. I'll be slow in getting the best ones posted. sum I need to tone down the brightness from the harsh sun here. most of the photos I took were random as I just walked through the stadium. a few I asked to pose for me or they were already posing for someone else. on a rare occasion someone didn't want their photo taken, so I respected their request. I could imagine getting tired of everyone taking their photos all the time. anyways, I had a great time there. I will do my best to go every year from now on if nothing else but to see the dancing and enjoying that. I was so moved by their dancing, almost to tears. I'm sure if I was closer to the dancing, there wood have been tears. soooo beautiful. the event was held at the UNM football stadium, with the dancing on the field and spectators up in the bleachers. almost half the stadium was full. many items to sell there. there was a necklace I didn't get back to buy. I debated it because I wanted to wear it daily and I'm rough on necklaces. it was a beautiful beaded necklace with a bear. didn't think I could wear it occasionally. I'll find another one and look for this one next year. there were lots of things I could have bought, but fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I didn't have the money. I'll go prepared next year. I did buy a t-shirt and an inexpensive necklace I could wear daily made out of antlers with a symbol on it. they didn't have 'bear' so I got 'horse' with a leather strap.....I wish I could have stayed all day and evening, but had to work. hopefully next year I can go both days, or all 3 days really. think I'll start looking for other Native American events just so I can surround myself with their presence. I don't need to be taking photos all the time of them. just enjoy their spirit. the few hours I was there was far worth the's a bit expensive. actually it wasn't that expensive, just the parking was for me. if I had a car load of people then parking wouldn't have been expensive, but it was just me. it was all worth it. money is money is money...o well.. I really enjoyed the people and the beauty of them all.....until next time...have a good one!

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