Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color Carnival #46

Ok..what gives here? this photo came up vertical twice, but it should be horizontal...any clues anyone? this is a new one on me. knot going to try and redo it again. the color is all I'm after.
....anyways, I'm now ready to be back to blogging on a regular basis now. took a week to unwind from all the change in my life. spent the past couple days contemplating what will I do now mode. I have no class and Julie isn't here. Big changes for sure with me. I have been in touch with Julie a few times via phone plus lots of email to her. I miss her. her presence in my life has been profound unbeknownst to me totally until her departure. I just may have to move back to California. she's where I used to live b4 arriving in NM over 20yrs ago. only time will tell if I do move back there.....
....anyways, I'm good today. did errands and went shopping for a few things I've needed. bought sum workout clothes. soon I will be finally working out in a gym somewhere. I contacted an old postal co-worker of mind who's a personal trainer to get me started. I'm determined to lose sum weight but also get back in some type of conditioning again after being sedentary the past 4yrs since retiring. so I'll start with my co-worker to get my ass motivated. can't seem to do it on my own. so will start that no later than 2 weeks away. looking forward to that.... the meantime, yesterday I learned about a bird watchers group that meets on Thursdays. will go tomorrow in chase of an owl and other birds. this will be great 4 photo opps but knot only that, in my younger days I enjoyed bird watching. so I'm going to check this group out tomorrow. that will be a good change too, meeting people outside of the church. I look forward to the adventure.
....back home at the hovel, I've begun reading Tony Hillerman books. I picked up a bunch of his books used at our HHOT book sale last summer. finished the one I started last summer, last night. good simple reading. initially it couldn't hold my attention, but I stuck with it and it finally got exciting. I think all of his books are set in the Southwest on Native American soil. anyways, it was a good read for a change. these will be my summer reading with maybe a 'spiritual' book on occasion. mainly I just want to Be ORDINARY right now. nothing spiritual. nothing special. just plain and simple for awhile. I'm way overdue in that department. so that's my agenda for the summer. plain. simple. kbear.
.....and that's the way it goes 4 now. if any luck, tomorrow night I'll post sum photos of an owl, maybe sum other birds. until then....have a great one!

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Martha said...

Sounds like a perfect summer agenda! Love the colorful photo even sideways :-)