Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'll be damn.....kingfisher

a quik entry...i've got 2 run 2 work real soon....anyways, went birding today with the Audubon Bird Watcher's Club. my intent was to get an owl, but landed the kingfisher above. he's just bigger than a dot on the original photo, so I was able to crop him and he showed up pretty damn good in my opinion especially since my lens is only a 200m. I also got a warbler and I'll share him in the next entry. it was a good day out although it was a cold one in the mountains. 4 out of 20 people actually got to see the owl, I was knot one of them. another day I hope. but I learned sum good tips for chasing hawks and other wildlife. they showed me some places to check out and they also gave me directions to a fairly new wildlife refuge of sorts. so I look forward 2 those the meantime I talked to my camera man about a bigger lens. they're waaaaay expensive. he suggested a new body with more megapixels. I want both. all in time, but I also have some dental work to do as well. eventually I'll have all the lenses and cameras I want. anyways Life is Good today......and I sure think this kingfisher is a beauty!!!! 2 work I go....& happy hour with Paul!

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