Monday, January 11, 2010

sorry we're open

just when I thought I've seen it all so to speak. here I find this sign which seems confusing to me. but hey, I'm sure there are even more weirder signs out there....
....anyways, I'm back 2 work this week. it's been a slow start thankfully with little activity at the church. nice & quiet. just the way I like it. once home I came in and looked at my budget again for the year. i had still missed a bill that came in today. so I recalculated everything. in order to accomplish my financial goals this year, it appears I will need to decide either on the sunroof for my jeep or a new camera lens. I want both so very badly. actually as I'm typing this I realized I could toss one of the major trips I have plan and get both. decisions..decisions..decisions. one of the 3 will have to go. I have a few months b4 the final decision. once the warm weather gets here, most likely I'll toss the major trip. but who knows, maybe Bill Gates will send me the money via email as stated in the most recent one I forwarded. that will cover the sunroof and allow the major trip. I'm dying to get that new camera lens and it cost quite a few pretty pennies. tons actually. I also have a couple minor road trips to take. most likely after finishing class, I'll be so anxious to hit the road with a new sunroof & lens for lots of photography. I'm dying for all of that right now, but I must persevere with class. I know patience is a virtue, but boy do I have an itch. so keep your fingers crossed for that Bill Gates check for


Martha@Menagerie said...

That sign is hysterical! Love it!

Rose said...

This sign is too funny. You surely are managing to find some good shots with your camera! I'm enjoying them all.

Hugs, Rose