Monday, January 4, 2010

page out of a catalog

so here's the page out of a catalog...Sears Roebuck & rustic and put me back in time when Sears was the deal. O how technology has changed us.....
.....anyways, 3x a charm's knot....went to 3 different places to get a house key made and all 4 keys i had made did knot work...dammit! the first place, Home Depot, i went back to get the key remade, the machine was broken. then off to Wally World and it didn't work. so then off to Lowe's and had 2 keys made thinking that at least one wood such luck...a busy day to come up empty handed...maybe i should have gone to Sears Roebuck... so i'll be back tomorrow to try again. for now i kneed to sit and start homework again for class and i'm just knot into it after having 2 weeks off. but class begins again this Saturday-ugh! at this moment i don't even feel like completing the class but sum how i'll find a way to perservere. i'll start tonight somewhat at least while watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Boise State University is playing and i must root for my former university. and only recently i even contemplated returning there to finish my degree. i've got an itchy foot at the moment and ready to move somewhere, either back to Boise, Idaho or Spokane, Washington. but who knows if it'll happen, it'll be a couple years b4 i do..i'll keep dreamin'...until the days to come....have a good one!

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Julie said...

I am getting itchy feet to move also, someplace warm, this cold is just awful on my arthritis.