Sunday, January 3, 2010

shadow shot sunday #85

I haven't played Shadow Shot Sunday in awhile. just haven't had the shots. but got this one yesterday....for further Shadow Shots, click on my sidebar with the camers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...anyways, as you can see, I put the old template back on here. I just like how the black background really enhances the photos better, or at least I think so. just brings them out sharper. so I'll keep this template. I really liked it anyways.....well the day is calling for sum studying and r&r. back to the regular routine of things now that the holidays are over. I finally took down my tree and other decor yesterday. seems weird after having it up for over a month. o well, i'll find more decor to add to my hovel in the near future. first thing up is a quiver i desire to go with my bow & arrows....o yes, b4 i forget....last night i learned/discovered information about a Wolf Sanctuary here in New Mexico. I can even pay to get in the den with them to take photographs. I will wait until April when I get my new camera lens, then go. I'm all excited about learning about it. I LOVE WOLVES and to see them in person AND to be able to take their photos...way KEWL!!! I may go b4 April, but would prefer having my new lens. will see if I can wait that long. really look forward to that trip.....well that's the latest 4 now. have a blessed day!

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