Tuesday, January 6, 2009


water's brewin' so i can have sum hot chocolate:-). i need something to unwind with, so opted for the cocoa. i sit here at the computer vegging so i can relax a little before diving into homework for this week's class. although it's tuesday, it feels like another monday, after yesterday. it is this week that i started picking up the sexton's duties at the church. mostly custodial work, but time consuming and tiring at the moment. the vacuuming is physical because the vacuum sits on my back like a backpack. it's like carrying my backpack while hiking only a tad heavier. i've spent the past two days doing a minimum of 2hrs of vacuuming with it on my shoulders. then it was off to do other physical work as well. anyways, it's all good really. i can use the exercise and that acai supplement i'm taking has not had any effect on me. the acai berry diet pill must be something separate than the supplement. i see my doc on thursday and will ask her then if i can try the diet pill. i'm soooo anxious to start losing weight and the snail pace i'm doing now, i'm inpatient with at the moment. i know, one step at a time, but hurry up dammit...lol
so anyways, here are a few photos i took at the Piedras Marcadas petroglyphs. there were all kinds of petroglyphs in this area. Jim had said this was the most concentrated of petroglyphs of all of them. we just went to what is called Station 5. there's more to be seen and i will get back there. Our church group are suppose to go to the Monument this saturday, however, the weather forecasts is for snow and a cloudy day. so we may have a Plan B in the works for something indoors. hopefully the weather will hold up and we can go to the Petroglyphs Monument. that will be more great photos to be captured. but if not this saturday, we'll shoot for our February hike. there's plenty of time for all the hikes. Mother Nature just needs to cooperate. lately it has been COLD. if it hasn't been cloudy and snowing, it's been sunshine with a blistering cold wind like today. mountain wind can be brutal at times especially during the winter. it cuts thru you and there's no way of keeping warm other than inside a building. i remember every time i step out in it of the days delivering mail in it. even though i was somewhat "conditioned" to the weather changes, there were times it was unbearable..and still is. and so is the winter where we are to hibernate like bears. wouldn't that be lovely if we could sleep like them too...lol
so alas, it's a busy week. once this week is over, my entire facility assistants crew will be in on the sexton duties. i will still do the bulk of it, but it'll be nice to hand some of it over. i look forward to this weekend where i'm totally off from any work. i'm going to play a little, study a little. it's the playoff season for football, so i'll catch a little of that too. for now, i'm happy our new minister has arrived and already began communicating with everyone. i look forward to her first talk this sunday. another new beginning. it can only get better.

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Julie said...

Love all the shots, can't imagine wearing that much weight on my back. Don't study to hard.