Thursday, January 1, 2009

If you can't
be a highway,
be a trail.
if you can't
be the sun,
be a star.
It isn't by size
that you win
or you fail.
Be the Best
of whoever
you are...
-Rebecca McCann

i hope i got the author correct on this. i got this off my calendar given to me by a friend. it's a beautiful calendar with different thoughts for each month. so each month i'll be sharing the thought for that month. a great way to start anew every day.
anyways, the New Year is here! alas a great beginning this morn. i woke, dressed and headed straight to Marsha's where she had Madison. the three of us plus Jim (Marsha's beau) headed out to breakfast where it was an adventure. i was told i was on double duty with Marsha to watch out for she was all over the place. mostly she did pretty good, she just kept going between Marsha and me. we got crackers, crayons plus coloring sheet to keep her busy, but she managed to stir my coffee continuously as well. she had Jim constantly opening crackers for her. that was his job and only his job according to Madison. thankfully breakfast arrived and she sat to eat without the booster seat; she just had to sit at the table without it. after breakfast we were off to the park, first stopping to get Scooter (the dog) to join us. again Madison had to walk Scooter on the leash to the park. Madison had her own"leash" on which she gave to Marsha the end of it, and in turn had Scooter in her hands. trying to get both of them to walk at the same time was a challenge to say the least. they kept going in circles. thankfully we made it there and back with no real problems. but it was all such great JOY with Madison even if she did get fussy from being tired. the park trip was to wear her out so she could immediately nap afterwards. well the whole morning was such an adventure for Marsha & I, we too had to come home and take our naps. i left as soon as Madison went to bed then went to Target for a few items, but by the time i got home, i was ready for my nap. i'd forgotten how much energy it takes with Madison out in public. it's been awhile since i've been on those adventures. but i laugh. it's just too much FUN anytime Madison is around. anyways, it was a good morning.
as i mentioned in another entry it was time to lose weight, one of my two new year's goals. well yesterday i went and bought some Acai. it's not the exact product that Oprah used, but i thought i'd start trying it. it's the herb in pill form. i'll see within a month if there are any changes and whether i need to order what Oprah used. by then i'll have talked to my doctor, whom i see next week. i'll also know too IF the Acai will effect my meds. i will notice the slighest change, i always do. i just couldn't wait to talk with my doc. i've had enough of my weight and its issues this past year. And after discovering those photos, it's just got to go, at least 10-15lbs of it. i know i can do this, i just need to figure out what it's going to take to do it. i may know within a week, if this Acai is working or not. i did weigh myself today so i can see the difference in a week. i can hardly wait. one way or another i'm determined to take it off. once i set my mind to something, i usually can do anything.
in the meantime, i had someone ask about my bike yesterday. that's good news to hear as well. i'll work with him if i need to, but selling that will take care of a few bills right off the bat, the second goal of the new year-paying off debt. i know within my heart, this new year will be better than last. these past two days are a slight indication of just that. perserverance will pay off. i'm in a better place from within than i've been in awhile. the universe is the limit...


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hi dear kbear,

So glad you dropped by at my place. I know & I feel that you will be alright this coming year or we'll be fine.

We have to go hand in hand tackling the good and bad times together. In that case, it's easier with someone.

Enjoy your evening and hope everything's wonderful wherever you are.

Lots of hugs,

Anne said...

Great poem and good music. It's good to read you again. Anne

Julie said...

Good luck with the pills. be careful with them. A lot of those just either make you lose fluid or give you the runs and you can get your metabolism out of whack pretty easily. Oprah can get away with these type of meds as she probably has a doctor on her staff and can keep pretty close tabs on her lab work, when you have mega bucks anything is possible. Just be safe. Good news about the bike. Hope you can sell it but I know you will miss it.

Bea said...

I agree with Julie... your doctor should know about this new herbal thing you want to start. I love Oprah, but she probably has a doctor always ready to answer her call. Doctors need to know... at least call your pharmacist... usually they can tell you if something is harmless or not. Good luck with weight loss... I'm going to do the same thing, but trying the exercise route. Still have not got the routine going... two days here, a day there. It needs to be daily for me. Don't give up!

Jude said...

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours. Good luck with your diet and good luck with paying off those bills. I think thow two particular resolutions are at the top of everyone's list without having to saying them out loud.

I'm sorry it took so long to come visiting. I'll be back much sooner than then last time. You know what my Christmases are like. It's over. I hope.

Martha said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your New Year goals, be careful with the supplements!

gina said...

what a delight lil miss madison is!! i too will be trying to lose weight this year. good luck to you!!