Wednesday, August 11, 2010

rustic colored

out with the old, in with the new....knot now...but today is the last time I see my current therapist who's been with me through thick and thin the last 11yrs or so. she has been my rock all this time assisting me in dealing with this illness I have. she put me back on my feet and has kept me on my feet for so long. but now she is leaving the VA where I receive my medical treatment. I'm wondering if I could follow her somewhere. won't know until I see her this afternoon when I can inquire on that. so I am a sad today. she's been the best friend I've had for all these years. without her I don't know where I wood be. I am soooo grateful for her support all this time. I will miss her sorely. it's been a year of losing some of my major support but thankfully I can keep in touch with at least one of them. I'm all for change, but too much of it has happened this last year. now I'd like sum stability again. in time I know I'll have it. here's hoping my new beginnings will go far and endure forever....


Jackal said...

I can relate you how you must feel about your therapist. It must be a very difficult thing to get your head around. ((( Hugs )))

My therapist is away for a month and I feel lost so you must be feeling even more lost.

Be strong!

Julie said...

I am sorry about your therapist leaving. Maybe this is the next step in your journey? Love the photo.