Tuesday, August 3, 2010

duh....knot the rhino!

ok, someone pinch me!!!! it's taken me almost a week to realize I posted the wrong photo on the last entry which I wanted to go with my 'happypotomus' moment.....lol.....so here's the hippo, knot the rhino. but I really do like my rhino photo in the previous entry....it's been such a roller coaster ride this summer for me, sometimes I think more lows than highs. I had another one this weekend including waking up this morn being all emotional. but alas, nothing that a nap won't fix. the emotions were all gone once I woke. I have a couple clues as to the reasons for it, besides my normal blues I experience periodically. so I'm going to trial and error to see if I can find the culprit of the continual emotional ride. right at this moment I"m good. will wait for the new dawn to see if I'm different after a beer tonight. I'm knot drinking any more than usual, but liquor 'may' be a contributing factor. so it's my first test. if need be, i'll go back to my once a month beer just to see how I fair. my new job 'may' be a very small contributor even though I consider it very little to no stress at all. anyways, I'll figure it all out. it won't take long, or I hope knot. there are a couple other possibilities but I won't go into them here for personal reasons. Life is still Good. Change is good and it's on the horizon. one more month of laying low and then I'll make a definite change to be more active. I'm definitely ready for the fall for it always brings good changes.....

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