Friday, February 6, 2009

it's only friday

When faced with difficult or painful situations, I can remember that a loving God is always here for me, always available as a source of comfort, guidance, and peace. `Courage to Change One day at a time in Al-Anon II.

the clock ticks. it's only 7:30pm. 2 hours and i'm outta here. i sit at church finally relaxing for a moment. i feel like i've been here all day, but in acutality only 4hrs. i took yesterday off from church altogether including class. the past few days i've slept lots. the month of january finally caught up with me: depression, Jesse's transition, and many hours at work. all too much to bear and i crashed. today after writing some emails, i did get out for a mini hike. tomorrow i'll be taking our hike group for a short hike as well. the fresh air today was just what i've needed all week. my grief returned atop some blues. so i slept some of it off. and i got a bit of sunshine from visiting Marsha & Madison yesterday in the park. Madison is too cute and too funny. her joy spilled over into today as i laugh at a couple things she did yesterday. first, Marsha had put on my cowgirl hat. Madison told her to give it back to me. she's not talking in sentences yet, but she points her finger and says something to let you know what she's thinking. then on the way out the door last night i was trying to get a hug and a kiss from Madison. she said no to both then pointed her finger at my jeep and said "GO!", LOL. for awhile she gave out kisses anytime. now we're lucky if she gives any, including hugz. she did blow me a kiss while at the park though. so i savored that moment for the day. anyways, Madison lit up my day yesterday. i then fell asleep while sitting up in the chair at Marsha's. this of course after i had already slept in for the day. goodness, hadn't done that in a long time. but today i'm refreshed a bit. i also got to see Rev Julie who inquired on my well being. that was really nice and warm and comforting. she knows i'm going thru the grief process over Jesse. it's really nice to know she's there for me if i need her. so this made my day...tomorrow will be another relaxing day. maybe i'll take in a movie. i finally saw Good Will Hunting last night and enjoyed it.....Life is still Good. i am blessed in so many ways.


Anne said...

Take the time you need to grieve. There are no set rules. Anne

Melissa said...

Karen, your sweet spirit always shines through. I've thought about you a lot lately knowing that you're grieving the loss of Jesse. I know it will be a while before you feel like yourself again...but just know that you're loved and prayed for.